Hi there, I’m Joanna.

I’m the founder of BabyGatorsDen.com. I started this site back in 2010 when my oldest son was a newborn. I live in Rhode Island but am originally from Florida, so I needed a place to share all of my crazy baby stories with family and friends back home. Since I’m a University of Florida graduate & Gator fan, the name Baby Gators Den stuck.

I’m a mom to two kids, ages 3 & 5. Wife to a Boston College sports addict (think Fever Pitch with BC). Proud dog mom of two pups: an 8-year-old giant Yorkie named Rex and a Jack Russell named Elsa (whom I am obsessed with). We also have 2 hermit crabs, 1 betta fish and a bin full of worms that I use for my gardening compost. If my husband would let me, I would totally have chickens and horses in my backyard. (It will never happen)

Baby Gators Den has chronicled the births of both of my kids, adjusting to life as a stay at home mom, parenting mishaps, saving lives, and getting back on track with fitness. Since I have failed at maintaining baby books for both kids (my oldest son has a couple of pages filled out), this is their baby book– a very public one. It’s easier for me to write a blog post than fill out a baby book stashed away in a closet (under God knows what).

I have always enjoyed being active. I grew up riding horses and competing in Hunter/Jumper shows and rode on the Equestrian Team for the Gators. Summers in Florida were spent swimming on the swim team, playing tennis and riding. In high school, I played basketball and softball in addition to showing my horse. However, I didn’t do a good job of keeping up with my fitness when I became a mom. I found myself at almost 200 pounds before I gave birth to my daughter and the 60 pounds gained during pregnancy was hard to lose. I played tennis here and there, but not enough to see results.

Fortunately, I started CrossFit in June 2013 and fell in love. CrossFit was a hard, humbling experience that was a team &  individual sport wrapped up in one awesome package. It’s changed my life and I love it.

Today, I go to CrossFit or kickboxing 3-4 times a week and am learning how to play hockey. When I’m not at the box or a hockey rink, I am usually spending time with family. In 2015, a couple of friends and I started a group for local women called Rhode Explorers.

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