A Geek’s Dream Baby Monitor: WiFi Baby 3G

I have been a computer/technology geek since I laid eyes on my first computer at 4 years old, an Apple IIC. Since then I have always looked for the latest and greatest technology. When I was pregnant with Jackson 2 years ago, I was greatly disappointed with the video baby monitor market. I wanted a baby monitor that I could securely see my son on my iPhone and laptop at home and while away from home. Back then, there was nothing like that available.

While debating what monitor to buy for our baby girl due in October, I found exactly what I dreamed of 2 years ago, Wifi Baby 3G. Wifi Baby 3G is a video baby monitor that streams interference-free video and audio to a Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad. One great feature of Wifi Baby 3G is that the stand-alone camera doesn’t need a physical connection to your router, it connects wirelessly with your home WiFi network.


It was easy to connect to our secure home WiFi network and took me about 15 minutes. The box came with easy, clear directions and additional links to their web site for more help. One thing I LOVE about this company is their quick, friendly customer service. Any email questions I had were promptly answered by the customer service rep I had been touch with, Devin. Although this monitor is a geek’s dream, I promise even those that aren’t geeks like myself can set up the WiFi Baby 3G, especially with a support team readily available.


WiFi Baby 3G is a family-owned company based out of Florida who invented Wifi Baby because they couldn’t find a secure, quality monitor to monitor their son at home and away from home. Exactly what I couldn’t find 2 years ago but unfortunately I’m not an inventor- thank goodness they are because WiFi Baby 3G has met all of my baby monitoring-needs!


One feature that is available for a small, one-time fee is external viewing, which means my husband can check in from work on my son’s nap time or my Mom in Florida can even check in on her iPhone. The set up for external viewing is slightly trickier, so the small fee covers a remote session with their awesome Tech Support team. The person who helped me was Ryan and had us up and running in 20 minutes.


In order to use WiFi Baby 3G on your iPhone or iPad, you need to download the WiFi Baby HD app from the iTunes store for a one-time fee of $8.99. If you have additional cameras you can view all of them with the Baby Monitor HD app which is only a dollar more. Since my husband and I are all on the same iTunes account, I downloaded the app on both iPhones and iPads for only $8.99 total. Totally worth it! Since the monitor uses my secure WiFi network to stream to our computer or iPhone/iPad, I don’t worry about anyone creeping through the neighborhood scanning traditional analog video baby monitor channels and seeing my babies.



Another great feature of the Wifi Baby 3G monitor is that when my kids are bigger and don’t need monitoring in their rooms, I plan on putting it in the kids’ play room (a.k.a. the basement) so I if I have to be upstairs for something I can quickly check in on them with my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. You can also use the monitor for home security once your babies are past the monitoring age. I know I won’t be able to do that with my older, non-WiFi Baby 3G monitor.


The only downside I could find with this monitor is that it might be difficult to travel with, but whenever we travel I don’t need a monitor anyway. Our son has always stayed in our room with us or close by so I wouldn’t take a monitor, but I know some people like to take their monitors with them.


I highly recommend WiFi Baby 3G to any parent who wants  a secure, high-tech system to watch their babies. Not only will this system serve parents well while their children are infants, but it can also be used as a nanny cam or home security for years to come.


You can buy the Wifi Baby 3G Video Monitor from their web store for $279, even less than a traditional video baby monitor that doesn’t have half the features WiFi Baby 3G has. Check them out at WiFiBaby.net or on their Facebook Page to find out more about this great monitor.

WiFi Baby is offering Baby Gator Den readers a discount of $9 on each camera purchased to cover the cost of the WiFi Baby HD App on iTunes sold separately for $8.99. The price of the camera will be reduced from $279 to $270 when by using the code GATORSDEN2011 (all caps) during checkout.  Note: You must use the ADD TO CART option not the PAYPAL EXPRESS BUY NOW option to enter the code. Discount valid until July 15th 2011. Basically, you get your iPhone/iPad app for free :)


*The fine print: I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way to review the WiFi Baby 3G monitor or the Wifi Baby HD app. Actually, I put a {refundable} deposit down in order to review it but I will most certainly be keeping the WiFi Baby in our house because we love it! As always, my opinions are entirely my own: honest and unbiased.



  1. says

    Wow, adding it to my want-list for the next baby! That’s the coolest thing ever–one more thing I can do from my iPhone, what would I do without that thing 😉

      • says

        SO true Christa! Before kids, I would have been all over this for Lambchop & Rex. I actually did try to set up a web cam but could never get it working properly :(

  2. says

    Wow!  The WiFi Baby 3G system sounds awesome!  I would have loved to have this when my daughter was younger and even now for our son.  I love the idea of using it as a nanny cam too.  It’s nice to see technology reach this level with baby monitors.

  3. Beth-Ann Tek says

    Wow!  I absolutely NEED this!  Thanks for feeding my tech geek obsessions! LOL

  4. toozie says

    How well does the camera pan around the room? Do you think I could get away with buying only one camera to cover two cribs in a bedroom (I have twins)? I LOVE everything I’ve read about this camera, but it loses it’s “comparably priced” value if I have to buy two units. 

    • says

      Hi toozie, I think it would depend on how you have your room set up. Your best bet would be to email Wifi Baby at [email protected]  and ask them. They are very helpful, good luck!!

      • toozie says

        Actually, I did and they gave me boiler plate responses that did not directly answer my questions. After a second try, they said the camera does not pan and that I should buy their 2-camera package. Unfortunately, that option completely voids their “comparably priced” angle at $500. As much as I loved the technological integration the WiFi Baby 3G offered, it looks like I’m going to have to settle for one of the Summer Infant models after all.