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Meal Planning Board- Pinterest Success!

Pinterest is simultaneously so amazing and so awful. It’s amazing because you get motivated to clean and organize your home, life, EVERYTHING! However, it’s awful because you spend the entire hour both kids are napping sitting on the couch looking at Pinterest- meanwhile the dishes aren’t washing themselves nor is the laundry folding itself. The hours I’ve spent on Pinterest have forced many a load of laundry to be re-washed or tumbled dry for just a *little* longer to get those wrinkles out.

I’ve had many Pinterest failures and a few successes, but I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a Pinterest project like this one: a meal planning board. I can’t tell you how many times a week 6pm rolls around, the garage door opens up to my husband coming home and I panic a little thinking about what to make for dinner. I actually like cookingbut the day gets away from me and without a meal plan I end up throwing together some baked chicken, rice and frozen veggies. I’d like to avoid that in 2013, so when I found this inspiration on Pinterest I knew this could be the answer to my “boring old chicken for dinner problem.”

Behold, my meal planning board:20130121-001231.jpg

I found the original meal planning board from this pin, which came from Sarah’s blog: Life Sweet Life. You can find detailed directions to make your own meal planning board here. Sarah used bright, fun colors which I LOVE. I don’t know why, but I totally chickened out at Hobby Lobby and went with the same boring neutral colors I always pick. I can always spray paint later, right?

What do you use for meal planning in your home? I love hearing new tips & tricks, thanks for sharing!

Gingerbread Sheds: My latest Pinterest failure


I have never claimed to be a master crafter. As a matter of fact, I *stink* at crafting, but for some reason I still try to recreate things from Pinterest that I have absolutely no business attempting. My most recent Pinterest Failure is a Gingerbread House Village. I’ve seen some adorable, quaint Christmas Gingerbread House Villages on Pinterest and thought that by purchasing a pre-made kit from Joann’s I would be totally safe.

Purchasing a pre-made village would make up for my severe crafting deficiency, right? WRONG. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

What we purchased and how the village is supposed to turn out:

What happens when Joanna & family do a Gingerbread Village:

See those little squares on the bottom? Those were supposed to be a house, but a piece dropped on the floor and the dog ate it before we could salvage it. Instead of the fourth house, we have Christmas Gingerbread RAFTS, placed in front of Gingerbread Sheds. Oh well.