33 Week Bump Update: Big Mama

33 weeks 33 Week Bump Update: Big Mama

33 weeks

*How far along?:  33 weeks and 4 days

*Total weight gain: My last guess was right, at the “official” Dr’s scale I’m up 35 lbs, right on track for 50 lbs total. Uh oh.

*How big is baby?: The size of a honeydew, anywhere from 17.2 – 18.7 inches and 4.2-5.8 pounds. She was measuring right on track at my 32 week appointment last Wednesday icon smile 33 Week Bump Update: Big Mama

*Sleep?: Awful, I feel like a beached whale getting out of bed and I’m  up every hour to pee.

*Best moment this week?: Our kitchen cabinets came in to the new house, it’s starting to feel real!

*Movement?: Tons, she is a big stretcher and roller!

*Food cravings?: Anything sweet. If I could, I would eat a cookie cake for every meal. Hoping my husband gets one for my birthday in two weeks!

*Labor signs?: No! Whew.

*Belly button in or out?:  It’s starting to pop out, which is a first for me!

*What I miss: Not being a big Mama.

*What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting this baby in less than 6 weeks and moving to our new home.