I Got Teethed!


Being a new Mom is overwhelming. You’re figuring out how to take care of a tiny, helpless human being on practically no sleep. I know I was a zombie for the first few months of my son’s life and a slightly better version for my daughter’s. There are so many tips and tricks to being…

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Sidney Girl is 6 Months Old!


Dear Sidney, Happy 6 month birthday! Dad & I enjoyed celebrating your sixth month of life on our fifth wedding anniversary– you were the perfect gift! You have grown up so much in the past month. You can sit up on your own, with little assistance, roll both ways like a champ and are sleeping…

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Five Years


Five years ago, I walked down an aisle to join hands with my best friend and we became husband & wife. I knew you were my soul mate, but I had no idea how much much my love for you would grow. Today, I love you more than I ever knew was possible. When I…

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Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs


This was a great week, despite my entire house getting sick (besides me), and I’m happy to join Mel from The Mommyhood Chronicle’s blog hop. Here’s my top 5: 1. I was getting dressed earlier this week when I heard Jackson climb onto the bed and say “Sidney hungry, wanna eat?” while he lifted up…

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Blogging Friends & @ScaryMommy

Me & Jill from "Scary Mommy"

I am so blessed with a crazy amount of great girlfriends in my life. I have my Faux Book Club ladies, Mom friends and my Rhode Island Mom Blogger friends. Tonight, the RI Mom Blogger ladies got together and  had a dinner at Carrabas with Jill from Scary Mommy before her reading & book signing…

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Teething Bling Review & Giveaway


  Sidney will be 6 months old on Saturday and she has entered the stage where everything  goes in her mouth. Not only does she put everything she can get her little hands on straight to her mouth, she also has the shortest attention span while nursing. If anything moves or talks while she is…

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Vera Bradley Tote Giveaway


  Are you wanting a new tote for the Spring? Do you need a gift to send to someone for Mother’s Day? Or do you want a gift for yourself because you deserve it?    This Vera Bradley East West Tote is a fabulous bag and so stylish. It is large size bag to carry…

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Top 5 Saturday Laughs

Top 5 Laughs

My friend Melissa from the The Mommyhood Chronicles hosts this Blog Hop and I love participating. The entire reason I started the blog over 2 years ago was to document these type of memories. This week was a good one. We spent the week at lots of play dates and getting ready to host 17…

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Parenting Anxiety


  Ever have anxiety that makes your entire chest tighten up and a wave of heat wash over your body? I had it yesterday afternoon when I was dancing around our living room, Sidney on one hip and Jackson on the other. The Laurie Berkner Band station was playing on Pandora and all 3 of…

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