My Gaga & Alzheimer’s


  When I was a little girl, I loved going to my grandmother's house and seeing glimpses of her childhood. She would pull out a stack of pictures and show me the horse she rode as a teenager, a big chestnut gelding named Flash. She loved talking about her father and his mill in the small town she grew up in, Bristol, Vermont. Tears often filled her eyes when she spoke of her childhood and … [Read more...]

Sidney’s Bouncing for College!

I have never begged for votes and am totally not comfortable doing it, but Sidney is so close to winning $500 for college I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Check out her video on the ExerSaucer Facebook page, she is having so much fun jumping! All you do is click vote on her video, embedded below-- you can also vote once a day. I love you guys, thank you! XO Oh yeah, if she wins-- I'll give … [Read more...]

Be the First to Get the NEW Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight!


  It's the first and only reader for perfect bedtime reading! Item is available for sale on May 7th! Win yours NOW and get it pre-ordered right to your address! This Giveaway is Hosted by Mama Luvs Books and sponsored by these WONDERFUL blogs.... Couponers United Baby Gators Den Insights By April The Shopper's Apprentice Deal Doll Koupon Krazed Planet Weidknecht Savior … [Read more...]

Come visit me at @TeetheMe!


Hey y'all. We survived the 7am flight to my hometown in Florida this morning. One travel suggestion  I have for you would be to remove the pocket knife from your key chain before your husband tries to take them through security. Speaking of survival, I'm writing over at's blog on what helped me survive as a new mom. Visit me over there and let me know what helped YOU survive as a … [Read more...]

Treasured Minky Review


  One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity to meet wonderful people. One of my favorites is Kristin from the Etsy shop, Treasured Minky. Kristin reads Baby Gators Den and happened to email me a few weeks ago and told me about her Etsy shop. She’s a mother of *FIVE* and started her blanket business about a year ago. I checked out her shop and fell in love with her … [Read more...]

My son, the hero: how he saved a life with his cord blood

My hero, 2 years old

I received a phone call this morning from a nice lady at the Rhode Island Blood Center asking me if I received the invitation to their reception at the RI State House celebrating their successful cord blood matches. I was embarrassed to admit I had thrown the invite out, thinking it was a generic invitation that also fell on the same night we were planning to go out for our fifth wedding … [Read more...]

patemm pad Review & Giveaway

Sidney was intrigued by the pretty patemm pad...

Changing a diaper on the go is never fun. Honestly, changing a diaper anywhere isn’t fun but throw in a squirmy, poop-covered newborn (or toddler) and my anxiety level shoots through the roof. I usually end up in a Target bathroom with an epic blow out, baby’s clothes ruined and all I have in my giant, never-ending diaper bag is a bag of broken up goldfish and one wipe. Then I have to lay my baby … [Read more...]

Jumping Sidney & ExerSaucer Contest


One of my favorite memories of Jackson as a baby was his first time in a jumper (you can see the video here). It's now Sidney's turn to jump and she has a brand new ExerSaucer Jump & Learn to use. As you can see by the video, she is a BIG fan of her ExerSaucer. She squeals and jumps the entire time she plays in it. I love it because it's cute enough to sit in the middle of my living … [Read more...]