Reflections of Motherhood

Someone recently shared this YouTube video and it really touched me, so I wanted to share it with you all in case you haven't seen it yet. It's a compilation of real Moms and what they would tell themselves before they became a Mom for the first time. My favorites are "You'll miss your Mom" and "Meet Moms." My connection with my Mom grew after I had Jackson and I also discovered a new … [Read more...]

A different kind of birthday shots…


My little Porkchop had her 2 month shots on Tuesday morning. Birthday shots as an infant are way less fun than birthday shots as an adult.  It was harder than I remembered with Jackson and I *might* have almost cried. For the baby who never complains, seeing her frown-turned-scream broke my heart. Vaccinations are a must in my eyes though so it had to happen. Better some tears now than a … [Read more...]

MTV Cribs: Sidney Style


I joke about the MTV cribs thing. If she was on MTV cribs she would have a six car garage filled with Bentleys and would open her nursery door in a bikini and 5 inch heels. Instead, she's wearing a onesie and socks, sleeping in her seat next to me while I sit at the kitchen island. Here's the tour of her "crib;" finally finished after living here for almost 3 months! I'll list details of … [Read more...]