First haircut!


I took Jackson along when I got my hair cut today. He was an angel for 2 hours and loved getting the attention from all the ladies at the salon! My little man is growing up and turns one next Friday. … [Read more...]

Off to the Green Mountain State

Gaga & Me, Thanksgiving 2008

Jackson and I are packing up the car tomorrow and headed north. Dad is staying home to work, but we are off 5 hours north to Vermont. My grandma "Gaga" lives up there half the year and we are visiting before she heads south to Florida again for the winter. There is no internet at her house, so I … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Moms Can’t Run on Dunkin


I've never really considered myself a "lactivist."  I honestly don't care what a Mom feeds her baby, as long as she is feeding him or her. You could say I am Pro-Baby Feeder.  I've been fortunate enough that breastfeeding was easy for Jackson & me, who knows- maybe that was God's way of making … [Read more...]

Let’s play “4 Things”

My friend Veronica, from Crunchy VT Mommy, tagged me in a survey yesterday. Honestly, I usually forget to respond to these things, but since I'm trying to be a better blogger I am going to participate. 4 Things in my Handbag: 1. My iPhone (I never leave home without it!) 2. All of my coupon … [Read more...]