Breastfeeding Moms Can’t Run on Dunkin


I've never really considered myself a "lactivist."  I honestly don't care what a Mom feeds her baby, as long as she is feeding him or her. You could say I am Pro-Baby Feeder.  I've been fortunate enough that breastfeeding was easy for Jackson & me, who knows- maybe that was God's way of making up for his birth, regardless I'm pleased that we have made it this far. I was formula fed as a baby … [Read more...]

Let’s play “4 Things”

My friend Veronica, from Crunchy VT Mommy, tagged me in a survey yesterday. Honestly, I usually forget to respond to these things, but since I'm trying to be a better blogger I am going to participate. 4 Things in my Handbag: 1. My iPhone (I never leave home without it!) 2. All of my coupon and gift cards, clipped together neatly in my wallet. I totally stole this idea from my friend Beth … [Read more...]

Things that got my goat this week…

My dear friend, Veronica at Crunchy VT Mommy, has a great feature on her blog: Things That Got My Goat This Week.  I am definitely ready to play this week! First thing that got my goat this week: Daylight Savings Time "Fall Back": This came as quite a shock to me. I used to love this time change, an extra hour of sleep? Sign me up, no problem! I had no idea that it translates to "your baby … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Lambchop’s Reliquary


Ok, I lied, there will be a few words. For my 30th birthday, my wonderful husband had a custom reliquary made portraying my beautiful Lambchop, you can read more about this special dog here. Erin at Commemorative Jewelry designed this piece and was amazing to work with! … [Read more...]

Taking a few steps

At 11 months, Jackson is starting to get the courage to take some more steps. Especially behind his grocery cart. The men in our family do all the grocery shopping! Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Baby like a G6…

baby g6

I've told you all before Jackson loves to dance. Check out his rendition of Like a G6... I think we might watch too much Jersey Shore.   This is for my BlogHer roomies (Katie at Pickles & Paisleys, Alyssa at She's Mommafied, Veronica at CrunchyVTMommy, Emily at Baby Dickey, Christa at Little BCCG, Natalie at Mommy Boots, Allie at Baby Birthing Mama, Nicole at Haute Single Mama, … [Read more...]

Great-Grandma’s & I Love You’s


One of my earliest memories of my Great Grandmother Mabel was her calling me my Mom's name (JoJo) and not really being coherent. I was six years old and she was 95. She was healthy as a horse but mentally not well and suffered from severe dementia. Honestly, she scared me because I didn't understand why she acted that way. I've seen three of my great-grandmas (one of them a "step") age in … [Read more...]

Before I was a Mom…

Before I was a Mom I secretly wondered how I would feel if my child was different. Different from my husband and I. We are 'basically' yuppies, so what would happen if my baby turned out to like black fingernails and everything goth? What if he or she was gay? I hoped that I would be able to accept his or her decisions, regardless of how different they are from my own, but couldn't say with … [Read more...]