Life Hurts {My Gaga’s Sunset} – My Messy Beautiful

Life hurts. No matter how many inspirational and uplifting stories you read and surround yourself with, there will always be unavoidable pain. I have always tried to look at the bright side. When God closed one door, He always opened a window to a better place. I've always trusted that there is a reason for everything. Right now though, I'm struggling. I'm struggling to deal with normal Continue Reading

CrossFit Open 14.5: what doesn’t kill you looks really terrible on video.

During the wod. Jackie (center) killed it with a time of 20 minutes and Heather did awesome, finishing at 26 minutes. I was probably trying not to pass out when this picture was taken.

I just got home from completing the CrossFit Open workout 14.5 and all I can say is holy crap, that's the hardest thing I've ever done. Actually, I can say more because I've got a big mouth so I'll just give a quick recap of this brutal wod. Here's the official wod: Fast forward to today's 10am moms class and 3 of us need to get it done before the weekend for various reasons. We set up in a Continue Reading

Using the MyWODs App to Track your CrossFit Workouts

My WODs App

When I started CrossFit 10 months ago, one of the first things the coaches told us to do was track our workouts. They didn't care if it was in a plain spiral-bound notebook or one of the fancier WODbooks they sell, the important thing was writing down the weights and time to track your progress. I ended up buying a WODbook sports journal because it was tailored to CrossFit and had some really Continue Reading

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: CrossFit Games Open 14.4

Let's start with the good: I did 14.4 with some awesome ladies at my 10am class (suffering with friends is always better than alone). I managed to make it through 29 (painful) wall balls, 50 toes to bar, and 60 calories on the rower for a total score of 139. This week was easier for me than 14.3, thank you CrossFit for always highlighting our strengths and weaknesses! The Continue Reading

5 Ways a Puppy is Like a Newborn

The snuggles. It's been a long time since my kids would simply fall asleep on my chest and stay there. Having a puppy is a good reminder of baby snuggles. The potty training. Well, this is different in a baby since they wear diapers but still, tons of potty breaks! Instead of changing size 1 diapers though I'm taking her outside and ringing a bell on the way out (she's already started ringing Continue Reading

CrossFit Games Open: 14.3, from the view of a newbie.

If you've ever looked at a CrossFit WOD and thought, "meh, that's not so bad" then you know the inevitable: that same workout will kick your butt. That is the one where you will leave a sweat angel on the ground and won't catch your breath for 5 minutes. The CrossFit Open workout 14.3 (which stands for year 2014, week 3) was exactly that. When it was announced on Thursday night, my friend Continue Reading

Meet Miss Elsa, our little curveball.

When you're least expecting it, life throws you curveballs. Some are terrifying and some are thrilling. Fortunately, our family's most recent curveball was of the latter variety. On Monday, my husband's cousin (who is a veterinarian about 30 minutes from our house) posted on my Facebook wall about a puppy she met that needed a new home. A cute 11-week-old Jack Russell Terrier (same breed as my Continue Reading

CrossFit Games Open, Newbie-Style

I signed up for the CrossFit Games Open a few months ago on a whim. I know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that I would ever make it past entering my scores onto the web site. Only the elite athletes go to the regional competitions with the dream of making it to the Games in California this summer. So why did I spend $20 to “compete” in an open where I can’t complete half of the movements Continue Reading

The Differences Between my First and Second Child

Our first child was coddled. He attended"baby gym" at 3 months old and wore cloth diapers (none of which ever saw my daughter's bum, because LAUNDRY). I spent every day working on baby sign language with him and making his organic baby food from scratch. I spent hours every week setting up a photo shoot and documented every little milestone: first smile, first laugh, I have video evidence of them Continue Reading